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ATV 4x4

Get an adrenaline rush driving an ATV 4x4!

ATV 4x4 in Iceland

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An ATV 4x4 tour in Iceland - the perfect way to get a true taste of Icelandic nature. Tours on ATV 4x4 are great for the whole family, and the experience offers breathtaking mountain views and guaranteed fun for everyone.
You also have to try buggy tours in Iceland. Tours on our buggies offers unforgettable mountain adventure. These fantastic buggies give you a thrill ride you won’t forget – and the mountains will do the rest.

ATV 4x4 tour – A guaranteed fun for everyone

Most of our guests that try our ATV´s and Buggies are beginners, so our guides know how to provide an experience that’s as safe as it is fun. The quad bikes are fully automatic and super easy to use – you just press and go! The expert guides will make sure you have all the safety instruction you need.

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Snorkeling / Diving

Snorkeling and diving in crystal clear water

Explore Iceland from beneath the surface. We offer great snorkeling and diving tours in Iceland, where you can snorkel/dive in the crystal-clear water in Iceland.


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