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Combo Tours

Combine more than one activity in a day

Combo tours Iceland

Book Combination tours in Iceland here

We offer popular combo tours in Iceland. Combo tours is where you can try more than one activity in one day. This is a great opportunity if you have a limited time in Iceland and you like to try many things. Here you will save time, as you will have a full scheduled day and of cause lots of fun.

Popular Day tours combined together in a busy and adventurous day in Iceland

Are you perhaps interested in riding the Icelandic horse, but you are also interested in exploring a lava cave in Iceland, but unfortunately you only have one day available? Do not worry, we offer both these activates combined in one day tour. This was just an example, please take a look at our exciting day tours where you can combine two or more activities in one day.

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Helicopter Tours / Paragliding

Helicopter Tours & Paragliding

Experience Iceland in bird's eye view, it is an experience of a lifetime! Everyone dreams of flying, and now it's time to make it happen with a tandem paragliding flight or with a helicopter tour in Iceland.


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