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Fishing & Bird Watching

Fishing, Sea angling & Bird watching Iceland!

Fishing tours in Iceland & Bird watching

Explore among the unique fishing tours in Iceland or Bird watching

Iceland offers plenty of opportunities for bird watching and fishing, whether you are fishing in rivers, streams, lakes or on the high seas. On a guided birdwatching / fishing tour in Iceland, you will also experience a really beautiful nature, including glaciers, fjords, mountains, waterfalls and national parks. A trip you will remember for many years!

Fishing and Bird watching in Iceland for nature lovers

On our fishing tours in rivers, streams and lakes in Iceland you will find, among other things, Mountain Trout, Brown Trout and Salmon. If you prefer to fish on the high seas, you may catch. Cod, Catfish, and Halibut.

On our bird watching tours in Iceland, you will experience broad range of seabirds, among other things the world famous and unique Puffins.

See our Fishing & Bird Watching tours on the map!

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Whale Watching

Unforgettable Wildlife Adventure

Iceland is one of Europa’s best places to experience huge whales and dolphins. On this page you will find the best whale watching tours available in Iceland. Whether you are traveling in west or north part of Iceland, or just staying in Reykjavik


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