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Kayaking with beautiful views!

Kayak Iceland

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Kayak Iceland, a wonderful and calming activity in Iceland for everyone that enjoys nature. Imagine yourself paddling on the sea by the coastline with breathtaking mountain views and clear sky. We offer great kayak tours in Iceland, both for beginners and the more experienced ones. See your possibilities here.

There are great opportunities to try kayak when you travel to Iceland

The coastline in Iceland is 4.970 km (3,090 miles), so there is a great possibility for sea kayaking along the coastline. Find you inner peace when you paddle the kayak on a relaxing kayak tour, with wonderful Icelandic nature and wildlife surrounding you. We also offer kayak tours on the famous glacier lagoon Jökulsarlon, where you paddle through a glacier water with floating icebergs surrounding you. This is an amazing experience where we often get companied by seals


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Ice Caves

Magical Ice Caves

The ice caves in Iceland are unique and should not be missed out on if travelling to Iceland. In Iceland there are several natural crystal Ice caves, both on Langjökull and Vatnajökull glaciers. We also recommend a visit to the huge man-made ice tunnel (into the glacier) on Langjökull glacier, it is an experience to remember.


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