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Whale Watching

Unforgettable Wildlife Adventure!

Whale Watching Iceland

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Iceland is one of Europa’s best places to experience huge whales and dolphins. On this page you will find the best whale watching tours available in Iceland. Whether you are traveling in west or north part of Iceland, or just staying in Reykjavik, you can book the tour here.

Whale watching Iceland is an unforgettable wildlife experience available all year round

Whale watching is an unforgettable wildlife experience available all year round. You can expect to see the largest whales’ spies in the world around the Icelandic coast. Around Iceland there are known to live and breed 23 different whale species. Amongst them are Humpback whales, White-beaked dolphins, Minke whales, Harbour porpoise, Blue whales, Fin whales, and Killer whales (Orcas).

Whale watching is one of the biggest tourist attritions in Iceland, were over 20% of all tourists take part. There is a huge success rate, as the chance of seeing a whale is up to 98% in the summertime.

Here you can explore our whale watching tours in Iceland and book your favorite tour direct online. You will get your ticket sent right away on to your e-mail.


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