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Glacier Hiking

Hiking on a Glacier is a unique experience

Glacier Hiking Iceland and Ice Climbing

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In Iceland you will find Europa’s biggest glaciers. Vatnajökull glacier is the largest with area of ca. 7.900 km². The Second largest glacier is Langjökull glacier with area of ca. 953 km2. On this page you will find adventurous glacier hikes in Iceland and Ice climbing tours in different variety and difficulty.

Our tours on the glaciers are both for beginners, as for experienced hikers, that are in good physical shape and can go on a long and challenging glacier hike. Safety is always important when traveling on glaciers, therefor we always have special trained glacier guides on our tours.

Glacier Hiking Iceland on huge glaciers - A unique and adventurous experience

When you travel to Iceland, make sure to visit one or more of the magnificent glaciers in Iceland for example Vatnajökull(the largest), Langjökull, Sólheimajökull or Snæfellsjökull. Iceland is known for its glaciers and we offer great glacier hikes, where you can experience something extra special. It is a rare feeling to stand on a large glacier and enjoy magnificent views over endless fields of snow. This is experience unlike any other, and defiantly something to remember. For those who like to try ice climbing, we also offer tours where you can try this.

In Iceland you can explore Europa’s biggest glacier Vatnajökull and make a check to your bucket list.

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