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Volcano Tours

Iceland is a volcanic active country!

Volcano tours - Volcanic eruption in Iceland

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Experience a Volcanic Eruption in Iceland. Iceland is an extremely volcanic active country, often called the land of “Fire & Ice” and with a good reason. There is typically a volcanic eruption of some kind in Iceland every other year. Even though there are many eruptions in Iceland, there is not always possible to come close to one.

The eruptions are very often high op in the rough highlands where it can be difficult to travel. The eruptions can even be under a huge glacier. In March 2021 a beautiful volcanic eruption started in Geldingadalir on Reykjanes peninsula, very close to the capital city Reykjavik (only 30km, 18,6mi). The eruption in Geldingadalir stopped in December 2021, however the volcano did not sleep for a long this time as it started again close by in Merardalir by Fagradalsfjall mountain on august 3. 2022, and has been on and off several times since. Volcano experts foresee that this will continue for several years now. This Volcanic eruption is a peaceful lava eruption, that flows slowly in a wide lava river and is the perfect eruption for people to view and come close to. We refer to it as the perfect tourist eruption. The new lava has now got is´s own name “Fagradalshraun” named after the mountain Fagradalsfjall (in English: The mountain in the beautiful valley).

Activities Iceland offers tours with a guide to view this volcano eruption, where all the safety procedures are followed. This is a “once-in-a lifetime” experience, no one should be without travelling to Iceland. We offer both a hiking tour to the eruption site and a wonderful helicopter tour to the eruption site. Please se below.

Iceland has many magnificent lava caves and wide lava fields

We also offer many other tours where you can see mother nature’s extreme powers. Book for example tours visiting huge lava caves that have been created in former volcano eruptions thousands of years ago It is amazing to see how the landscape changes after each eruption, leaving huge lava fields and enormous lava caves.


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Ice Caves

Magical Ice Caves

The ice caves in Iceland are unique and should not be missed out on if travelling to Iceland. In Iceland there are several natural crystal Ice caves, both on Langjökull and Vatnajökull glaciers. We also recommend a visit to the huge man-made ice tunnel (into the glacier) on Langjökull glacier, it is an experience to remember.


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