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Terms of Conditions

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Terms of Conditions - Activities Iceland


All our activities in Iceland are arranged by Activities Iceland and operated by our partners locally in Iceland. We know our partners whom we have chosen carefully. Activities Iceland only works with professional and safe operators in Iceland.


All the activities and excursions we offer in Iceland can be booked online on our website.


Upon booking, the full amount of the selected excursion / activity is paid in full. Immediately after booking, invoices and vouchers (coupons) are automatically sent to the customer's e-mail address.

Price Changes

The price shown on the website is updated daily in connection with exchange rate changes on the Icelandic krona. The price may therefore vary slightly from day to day.


Once the customer has made a booking for an activity / excursion, the price is fixed and does not change afterwards.

Right of cancellation, cancellation and return

Customers who purchase services in connection with leisure and cultural offers that are valid for a specific time, online, do not have the right of withdrawal. This applies to all our excursions and activities on the website. (Consumer Contracts Act §18 subsection 2, no. 12)

However, customers who wish to cancel or change the booking of the activity / excursion may so, but must notify Activities Iceland in writing (e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with booking info "TRN number") no later than 72 hours before the planned start time of the activity / excursion *

In case of cancellation, the amount will then be refunded on the same payment card that was used for the transaction. Activities Iceland requires a cancellation fee of DKK 150/ US$ 24 / EUR 21 per booking, however 10% for tickets to the Blue Lagoon. When changing your booking to another date, or another trip, no fee is required.

* Important: There may be special cancellation policies for individual activities / excursions, but in this case, it will be shown inside the booking page of the activity / excursion in question.

The cancellation is only active when Activities Iceland have received the cancellation by e-mail and have confirmed it in the same way. Cancellation cannot be made by phone (an e-mail must always be sent, with booking info "TRN number"). If the cancellation is not confirmed 72 hours before the start of the activity / excursion, the customer is not entitled to a refund.

There may be special rules with individual activities / excursions, but in this case, it will appear on the booking page for the activity / excursion in question.

Absence etc.

Late arrival, absence at the start of the trip, missing vouchers / coupons, driver's license or other documentation (in those cases where it is required) means that the entire amount may be lost. However, it is important that you try to solve the problem with the operator before or at the time of the activity. See contact info for the operator on the voucher.

In Iceland all itineraries are designed to be flexible taking weather conditions into account. Activities Iceland and the tour operators reserve the right to change your itinerary or cancel the tour with your safety in mind. If we need to cancel your tour, you will of cause be refunded.

Driving license and other documentation

A valid driving license is required on all trips where driving a motor vehicle occurs (Applies only to the driver). On trips where a certificate is required, remember to bring this. (Can be on trips such as diving and eg PAVI diving certificate). If a driving license / certificate is required, but cannot be presented, and the customer therefore cannot participate in the activity / excursion, then the customer has no right to a refund. It is the customer's own responsibility to present valid and correct documentation.

Illness, intoxication

In case of illness, intoxication or other similar reasons, the driver / guide, (in his opinion, the customer is unfit to participate, or is a nuisance to fellow passengers), can refuse persons to participate in the activity / excursion. In these cases, the trip is not refundable.

Participants are responsible for any consequences of accidents, illness and the like. It is the traveler's responsibility to bear the costs of medical care and hospital stays.

In case of illness or accident, refer to the participant's accident or travel insurance.

Duties and responsibilities

Activities Iceland does not operate its own activity- and excursion tours in Iceland but is only a reseller of activity- and excursion tours in Iceland. Therefore, participants are obliged to follow the instructions and rules that apply to each and every operator in Iceland. Activities Iceland is and can not be hold responsible in the event of an accident on trips, with our operators in Iceland. There are therefore no claims in any case for Activities Iceland. In case of an accident, refer to the operator in Iceland.

The participant is liable for damages in accordance with general compensation rules for damages that the participant causes to the belongings of fellow travelers, tour guides, operators, etc.

All tours and adventure trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. Participants must be aware that all outdoor activities carry an inherit risk and are undertaken entirely at their own risk. Activities Iceland does not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions.

The participant is adviced to and is self responsible for taking out relevant travel and accident insurance.

Cancellation of activity / excursion

If Activities Iceland and/or the operator of the trip has to cancel an activity / excursion for some reason (for example due to bad weather), the customer can choose to book a new time / date for the activity / excursion or to receive the full amount refunded. In the event of a canceled trip, it is the customer's own responsibility to contact Activities Iceland to have the trip either refunded or rebooked for a new date / or another trip. In this case you will have to send an e-mail with the “TRN” number of the cancelled booking.


If a problem arises in relation to activities / excursions, the problem must be solved with the operator in Iceland (name, address and telephone numbers appear on vouchers / coupons). If it is not possible to solve the problem on the spot, the customer must contact Activities Iceland on e-mail.

Activities Iceland reserves the right to make necessary changes in all activities / excursions (route changes, time and possibly date changes). If the changes do not suit the customer, the customer always has the right to change the time again or get the trip refunded.

We reserve for any printing errors/differences in all our marketing material, including our website. Reservations are made for price, currency, tax and duty rate changes. However, we do not change the price after payment when booking an activity / excursion.

Force Majeure Legislation

If the trip is prevented by circumstances beyond our influence (disaster, epidemics, riots, strike or the like), Activities Iceland is not liable for this according to the law, and therefore no compensation is added in these cases.

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