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Horseback Riding

The wonderful Icelandic horses!

Horseback Riding Iceland

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Activities Iceland offers a great selection of horseback riding tours in Iceland. Horseback riding in Iceland is a very popular activity. It is adventurous and at same time calming to be in close contact with the wonderful and well-tempered Icelandic horse. It is the same pure horse bread that the Vikings brought with them when they found Iceland in the second half of the 9th century. The Icelandic horse is the only horse breed on the island and has therefore kept its qualities and appearance since the Vikings brought the horse to Iceland.

The wonderful Icelandic horses and the Beautiful nature in Iceland

When you take on a horseback riding tour in Iceland you will become one with the unique nature. We ride beautiful paths with breathtaking views, and you will at the same time get to know the Icelandic horse in its natural environment. Please navigate our selections of riding tours here on this page. We offer many different horseback riding tours in different lengths and in different parts of Iceland.  


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