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Perlan - Fantastic exhibition in Reykjavik

Perlan Iceland

  • Reykjavik

  • Availability: All year

  • Duration: Flexible

  • Level: Easy

  • Meeting Place: Perlan, Varmahlíð 1, 105 Reykjavík

  • Age limit: No limit

  • Included: The ticket to the exhibition The Wonders of Iceland and Aurora in Iceland.

Perlan Reykjavik is a fantastic exhibition with glaciers, ice cave and northern lights

Glaciers, ice cave and the Northern Lights exhibition - The Wonders of Iceland and the Northern Lights. Exhibition with illustration of the man-made ice cave which is on top of the Langjökull glacier. The cave will lead you to a dramatic multimedia exhibition which will help to provide more details about Iceland's fantastic glaciers and their future with global warming. The exhibition then ends with the Arora show where you experience the magical northern lights.

The glacier, ice cave and northern lights exhibition is a really good exhibition in the Perlan museum - the wonder of Iceland and the Northern Lights.

The exhibition is built inside one of Perlan's six large water tanks. The tank was previously used as a storage for the central heating system in Reykjavik.

The exhibition illustrates the glaciers, their history and their sad future. The exhibition also gives visitors a great opportunity to move through a real man-made ice cave. To top off the day, you can relax and enjoy the Northern Lights in the beautiful planetarium show. The 360° observation deck surrounding Perlan, where you have view over Reykjavik city in all directions is also included in the price.

  • The temperature in the ice cave is -10°C (14°F)
  • It takes about 10-15 min to walk through the cave
  • Take as many pictures as you want
  • You do not need special shoes to enter and explore the ice cave
  • Vests can be borrowed to keep warm
  • Do not bring food or drinks into the cave

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  • Meeting Point: 
    Perlan, Varmahlíð 1, 105 Reykjavík

  • Pick-up:
    There is no pick-up for this tour

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