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Inside the Volcano

The inactive volcano, Thrihnjukagigur – Amazing experience!

Inside the volcano Iceland – Thrihnjukagigur

  • Reykjavik

  • Availability: 01.05 - 31.10

  • Duration: 3hrs, 5-6hrs hours from Reykjavik (45-50 minutes hike to the cave itself)

  • Level: Moderate

  • Meeting Place: (without pick-up): Bláfjöll parking lot

  • Pick-up time: ca. 0,5hr before tour start, from Reykjavik

  • Clothes: Warm clothes and good footwear

  • Age limit: 8 years

  • Included: Guided cave exploring, Safety equipment

Thrihnjukagigur is an amazing cave inside the volcano - A unique natural phenomenon

The inactive volcano, Thrihnjukagigur, is a unique natural phenomenon. On the tour Inside the volcano, we will open the doors to a whole new world. The only thing you will need to experience this world is the willingness to hike 45-50 minutes (to the cave itself) and the courage to descend 120 meters (400 feet) to the bottom of the crater, in an open cable lift. The hike is an essential part of the tour, not only because of the breath-taking nature that we will experience on the way, but also because it is the one of two ways to get to the volcano. The other way is by helicopter.

The 120 meters (400 feet) descent will take around 6 minutes, which gives you an idea of how slow the lift is moving. The slow speed guaranties a comfortable and safe lowering, while it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view.

Physical shape: this tour demands a moderate fitness level, as we will be hiking in an uneven terrain that can have steep passages. The last 10 minutes of the hike are the most challenging, with an elevation of approximately 50m/150ft. This is NOT at tour for those who are in a limited physical shape.

Distance: the hike is approximately 3,5 km (2 miles) each way, and takes around 45-50 minutes, depending on the physical shape of the group. A guide will be with you at all times.

If you want to meet us on the location, you will have to be there at least 20 minutes after the tour starts from Reykjavik. (if you booked for 10:00 am, you have to be there by 10:20 am).

Pick-up: If you want to be picked up, you will have to be ready by the chosen accommodation/bus stop 30 min before departure.

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  • Meeting Point:
    (without pick-up): Bláfjöll parking lot

  • Pick-up: ca. 0,5hr before tour start, from Reykjavik

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