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Vatnshellir - One step towards the center of the earth

Vatnshellir cave Iceland

  • West Iceland

  • Availability: All year

  • Duration: 45min

  • Level: Easy

  • Meeting place: Vatnshellir, 356 Snæfellsbær, Iceland

  • Clothes: Warm clothes and good footwear. Gloves recommended

  • Age limit: 5 years

  • Included: Cave exploring with guidance, Safety equipment

Vatnshellir Cave Iceland - Fun, easy and educational tour in an 8000-year-old lava cave!

This is where we come from… the area around the glacier holds hundreds of lava tunnels, which makes the location so much more interesting and unique for everyone, especially if you are interested in caves and cave exploring. We offer you a guided tour to Vatnshellir, which is one of the most visited caves in Iceland. The cave itself is around 8000 years old and was created by an eruption from a nearby volcano. The cave is very preserved, which is why only few certified guides from the national park are allowed to give guided tours beneath the surface.

This tour offers you 45 minutes in Vatnshellir cave. This is one of the most easily accessible caves in Iceland, but you still need to be in somewhat of a good shape to participate in the tour. It is hard to define exactly what good shape is, but if you can walk up 2-3 stories of stairs without stopping and if you don’t have any problems with walking on an uneven terrain, this tour should not be a problem.

You will need to dress well for this cave tour, as the temperature in the cave is around 0 °C (32°F) all year. Hiking shoes are recommended, but good sneakers will also do. We do not allow high-heeled shoes, sandals or shoes without any grip. We also recommend you bring gloves for safety and comfort.

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  • Meeting Point:
    Vatnshellir, 356 Snæfellsbær, Iceland

  • Pick-up
    There is no pick-up for this tour


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