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Reykjavík Food Walk

Food walk in Reykjavik with a guide

Reykjavík Food Walk with Food Expert  

  • Reykjavik

  • Availability: All year

  • Duration: 3 - 3,5hrs (depending on the pace of the group). We go approx. 2 km (1.2 miles). Stops 5-6

  • Level: Easy

  • Meeting Place: Harpa Music Hall, Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík

  • Age limit: 4 years

  • Included: Learn about food in Iceland, experience our very delicious local food, see highlights in Reykjavik and visit the most excellent restaurants, local shops and food trucks in Iceland.

Explore Reykjavik with a local food expert and taste delicious Icelandic food

What to expect on our delicious food tour?

  • A fun local guide will show you all the best in our hometown, Reykjavik
  • Taste our grass-fed and free-roaming Icelandic lambs
  • Enjoy homemade Icelandic ice cream from a secret family recipe
  • Taste the best local cheeses of the season
  • Visit the famous Icelandic hot dog place
  • Taste our local specialty: Authentic Icelandic fish
  • ... And more, depending on each day and season!
  • Number of participants: about 10 - 12 people per trip

Explore Reykjavik with a local food expert!

Join an authentic Icelandic food experience and explore the best of Reykjavik as a local! In Reykjavik Food Walk, our food, history and city tour, you will experience our delicious local cuisine in full vigor, experience the highlights of Reykjavik and visit our favorite restaurants.

Our guides are a small group of proud Icelandic food enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing our incredible local cuisines with adventurous, fun and curious travelers. If you are one of the above, you have found the perfect way to explore our beautiful Reykjavik!

On our fun Reykjavik Food Tour, you walk around the whole city with a fantastic local guide for approx. 3 hours and see the city's most interesting attractions. As we explore Reykjavik in the funniest way, through food, we will enjoy up to 10 amazing local cuisines that you may not find anywhere else but in Iceland.

The restaurants we visit are a number of relaxing, fine restaurants and cozy family-run businesses. Some are well-known "must visit restaurants" in Reykjavik, while others are secret local places. For this trip, we decided to focus on our absolute most delicious Icelandic cuisines and omit some less attractive traditional cuisines - Such as fermented shark, sheep testicles and sour sheep heads! However, your local guide can suggest where you can find such things.

Our Reykjavik Food Walk is safe, family friendly and the perfect local introduction to our delicious Icelandic food.

NB. The route of this tour and the diches can change without notice.

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  • Meeting Point:
    Harpa Music Hall, Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík

  • Pick-up:
    There is no pick-up for this tour

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