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Volcano Tour - Helicopter

See this magnificent volcanic eruption from a helicopter

Helicopter tour to see the volcanic eruption in Iceland

  • Reykjavik

  • Availability: All year

  • Duration: 35 – 35 min

  • Level: Easy

  • Meeting Place:  Nauthólsvegur, 102 Reykjavik. We have several departures every day. We will come back to you on your e-mail, with a precise time.  

  • Clothes: Warm clothes and good footwear

  • Age limit: No limit

  • Included: This tour can now be booked, see available dates and times in our bookingmachine. You can send us an e-mail if you have questions.

  • NB. This tour is very popular and there is limited availability. Please book this tour in good time.

    People over 120kg (264lb) pay 50% additional fee

Magnificent Volcanic Eruption in Iceland near Reykjavik - Fagradals Mountain

There is a lot of Volcanic activity in Reykjanes peninsula.  It started first in March 2021 and has been on and off several times since. Volcano experts foresee that this will continue for several years now. Activities Iceland are offering helicopter tours to view the area. Please be aware of when the volcano is active the spots sell out very fast.

Could you be interested to experience something extra unique, something you might not have the possibility to experience ever again in your live?

We offer helicopter tours that fly over the magnificent natural phenomenon, where you can observe the new bursting, fiery lava. There is a great demand for these tours, and it is therefore important to contact us as soon as possible if interested.

This type of volcanic eruption is called basaltic lava eruption and it flows from long, parallel fissures. This type of eruption could go on for many years, even decades. It is amazing scenic sights to see the glowing lava run slowly in a lava river throughout the valley of Geldingadalir.

This area is very close to the Keflavik international airport and the Blue Lagoon. It is only about 30 km from Reykjavik city and the smoke from the volcano can often be seen from the capital, especially at night. The area is a very volcanic active area with bubbling hot springs in some places, although the last actual volcano eruption was in this area in the year 1240. 

On the helicopter tour you will experience mother nature’s power on a close range. It should not be missed out on, when travelling to Iceland.

About the tour:

We will meet you in Reykjavik, where we head off flying south west towards the eruption in Geldingadalir / Merardalir / Sundhnjukagigar. This tour takes about 30 - 35 minutes. This is an experience for all the senses, not only the view is magnificent, but the smell and the sounds of the lava bursting out of the volcano play´s also a huge roll here.

Important information:

We only have two helicopters, with 5 - 6 seats in each one. We recommend that you book in good time, as this is a very popular tour, and it gets sold out quickly.
We will cancel the tour if the conditions on the site are not safe

We are obliged to charge cancellation fees to passenger(s) as follows:
Less than 2 weeks and more than 72 hours – 10%
Less than 72 hours– 100%

Se photos from the volcanic eruption

Se Video from the volcanic eruption in Litli Hrútur 2023

Se Video from the volcanic eruption

When you book this tour, simply choose your preferred date—there's no need to select a specific time. After your booking is confirmed, one of our team members will reach out to you with one or more potential time slots on your selected day. If these times do not suit your schedule, we will promptly refund your payment. Due to the high demand for this tour, we carefully coordinate daily schedules to maximize the efficiency of our helicopter usage.


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  • Meeting Point: 
    Nauthólsvegur, 102 Reykjavik.

  • Pick-up: This tour is not with a pick-up

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